Mobile Acquisition Made Easy

Acquire, decrypt and analyze the content of mobile devices with one integrated solution. Perform physical, logical and over-the-air acquisition support for major mobile platforms, break passwords protecting encrypted backups, view and analyze extracted evidence with ElcomSoft mobile forensic tools.

Designed for Mac and PC

Most acquisition tools from the kit are available for both Mac and PC, allowing investigators use their platform of choice during the investigation.

Physical, Logical and OTA Acquisition; Support for iOS Devices.

Physical, Logical and OTA Acquisition; Breaking Backup Passwords; Searching, Viewing and Analyzing Evidence.

Supports All Major Mobile Platforms

While all major mobile platforms are supported, the level of support varies. Physical, logical and over-the-air acquisition methods are available for Apple iOS devices. OTA acquisition is supported for Google and Microsoft accounts, Windows Phone 8.x and Windows 10 Mobile, while logical acquisition is the only acquisition method supported for BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 devices.


Physical, Logical, OTA Acquisition; Password Recovery; Evidence Analysis.

Local Backup Acquisition with BlackBerry ID (BlackBerry 10) or with Password Recovery (BlackBerry OS); Evidence analysis.

OTA Acquisition of Google Accounts; Evidence Analysis.

OTA Acquisition of Microsoft Accounts; Evidence Analysis.

WhatsApp Decryption

With end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp communications are difficult to crack. ElcomSoft tools can automatically extract WhatsApp data from various sources, decrypt encrypted WhatsApp databases and backups, and present extracted evidence for analysis.

Stay on the Bleeding Edge

ElcomSoft has pioneered many innovations, and delivers a number of unique technologies that no one else on the market can offer.

ElcomSoft’s unique features include:

  • Physical acquisition of all iOS devices, including 64-bit hardware with Secure Enclave*;

  • Over-the-air acquisition for iOS with two-factor authentication support, with or without Apple ID and password;

  • Patented GPU acceleration to break backup passwords faster.

* Jailbreak required, passcode must be known