Mobile & Cloud Forensics

Acquire and analyze evidence from a number of mobile platforms and cloud services using our fast and highly sophisticated tools.

  • Physical and logical acquisition of iOS devices 
    Extract evidence from 64-bit iOS devices with or without a jailbreak. Low-level extraction and keychain acquisition on jailbroken devices, advanced logical for devices without a jailbreak. 
  • Obtain evidence from locked iPhones 
    Use existing lockdown records to extract evidence from locked iOS devices without a passcode. Media files, backups, and shared files can be extracted from screen locked devices. 
  • Break iOS backup passwords 
    Brute-force passwords protecting encrypted iOS backups with a high-end tool. GPU acceleration helps achieve unprecedented performance, while access to users’ stored passwords enables targeted attacks with custom dictionaries.
  • Cloud forensics: download iCloud backups, passwords, photos and synced data
    ElcomSoft provides the most comprehensive iCloud acquisition solution on the market, enabling forensic access to evidence stored in the cloud with and without the Apple ID password. Access cloud backups, call logs, messages, passwords, contacts, iCloud Photo Library, iCloud synced files and a lot more.
  • Full over-the-air acquisition of Google Accounts
    Extract information from the many available Google services, parse, analyze and assemble the data to present information in a wide range of HTML reports. 
  • Messengers: WhatsApp and Signal
    Get access to conversation databases, contacts and attachments extracted from WhatsApp and Signal messengers. Decrypt and analyze communication histories.